Being formed, being sent, by Christ.


Spring Mount Mennonite Church was established and nurtured in the 1930's by persons from Salford Mennonite and other area churches as an outreach to the Spring Mount community. Outreach programs continue to include ministries like summer Bible school, home Bible study groups, as well as helping to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of new friends in our community. Our congregation is part of the Franconia Conference of Mennonite Church USA.

All are welcome to worship in this small but growing congregation which has reached a point in its history of particularly valuing newcomers while continuing to put down roots in our Anabaptist-Mennonite heritage. Visitors will find a worship style which is both reverently God-centered and warmly informal. We invite you to join us this week!


Ministers: The people of Spring Mount Mennonite Church

Service Elder: Janet Decker

Formation Elder: Chris Nickels Jr 

Hospitality Elder: Ruth Reinford-Betts 

Stewardship Elder: Steve Hershey 

Pastor: Chris Nickels Blog | Twitter